Andrew Wyeth

Two of my favorite Andrew Wyeth paintings –

There is something about Andrew Wyeth’s work that casts a spell – the still images seem somehow to contain a breeze, a sound, a gust or the soft moving of air – one can hear it like a whisper, the painting gently pulls you in, somehow makes the outside world go quiet for a moment –  these images stir something within the viewer – the sudden awareness of an intangible life force that is among us – a world filled with ghosts and invisible presence – Wyeth is a painter capable of capturing this plane of existence like no other, his work is a continual inspiration

The Witching Hour - 1977 - Tempera on Panel - Andrew Wyeth

The Witching Hour – 1977 – Tempera on Panel – Andrew Wyeth

Wind From the Sea - 1947 - Andrew Wyeth

Wind From the Sea – 1947 – Andrew Wyeth

Of all my work at Olsons this seems to me to be the one that expresses a great deal without too much in it. I walked up into the dry, attic room one day. It was a hot summer day in August, so hot that I went over to that window, pushed it up about six inches and as I stood there, looking out, all of a sundden this curtain that had been lying there stale for years, God knows how long, began slowly to rise, and the birds crocheted on it began to move. My hair about stood on end. So I drew in very quickly and incisively and I didn’t get a west wind for a month and a half after that either. I did many drawings for it because I was so moved by that sudden thing. ”
– Andrew Wyeth


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  1. These paintings have a great tone

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