In Pursuit Of

In Pursuit of

how to endure durations of tedium until suddenly, at long last, something beautiful becomes apparent.

how to create an object that expresses both the tedium, and something beautiful, in a way that one does not completely eclipse the other, but rather allows for an oscillation between expressions.

how to transcend the self.

how to give the self over, unconditionally to the work.

how to interact with physical pain in the endurance of tedious durations –  the relation of pain to the notion of self.

how to have faith in the communicative power of art.

how to use art to become a connecting point for a community, even if the community is dispersed, or of different spatial and temporal orders.

how to achieve beauty not through an instantaneous occurrence or gesture, but rather, (how) to achieve beauty or grace through consistency, persistence, repetition, perseverance*.

 *Perhaps the emergence of beauty by/through these means is dependent on the art  object being an object of finitude. The grid serves this pursuit in part   because the grid itself is a meaningless form, and uniquely human in its unnaturalness. It is a creation of consciousness, an illusion, and therefore, when made finite by the shape of a canvas, it becomes capable of expressing the human virtues.

how to express feelings that come from the silent internal region, in a way that the image conjured also contains that silence.

how to make an image that isn’t only thought, or, how to display what is Unthought, but felt, and navigated around by thought.

how to allow art to become the vehicle for recognitions –  to communicate through art in ways that are impossible in any other form.

studio - afternoon of January 30, 2014

studio – afternoon of January 30, 2014

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