View from a Burrow

View from a Burrow – 48′ x 48′ – oil on canvas – 2012

oil on canvas - 48' x 48' - november 2012

oil on canvas - 48'x48' - November 2012


View from a Burrow – 48′ x 48′ – oil on canvas – November 2012

this is the first of what will be a series of paintings, exploring the concept of the burrow. Kafka was the jumping off point with this whole thought process, his story The Burrow shocked me in a way that is still reverberating. The concept of a burrow has expanded for me, it has become a formal analysis of both a subjective understanding, but also of the mapping of our worlds and desires on a universal scale. A burrow is an overlap in space and time, both abstract and architectured, capable of occurring internally and externally. Thoughtfully obscure, more to come –


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